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Location of Moscow Throughout the history of the former USSR, Moscow has attracted the best and the brightest intellectuals in the country. This tendency is even more prominent now. Moscow developers are currently the most highly professional specialists from those, whose services Global IT Outsourcing Group offers, yet also the most expensive. Outsourcing to Moscow is the best option for our largest clients who are ready to pay high price for high quality met in tight deadline.

Despite the cultural differences between Russia and western countries, all our Moscow managers and IT professionals possess very high command of English-language, both technical and spoken. Combined with the highest level of technical proficiency and an extensive experience in developing sophisticated IT solutions for a wide range of business industries, this quality makes them very easy to communicate on a vast variety of business issues. The thorough understanding of business requirements upright at the beginning, allows our Moscow IT specialists to meet the most challenging demands of our clients.

Although Moscow business environment is still on its way to greater liberalization while Russian business culture is still evolving to reach western standards, it has not been a deterring factor for numerous western companies to established their most successful outsourcing centers in Moscow. Global IT Outsourcing Group is one of them. Through attracting highly experienced local managers, we are proud of being able to offer Moscow level of service for the most attractive price attainable in this environment.

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