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Location of IndiaWith the abundance of skilled local IT professionals available at low cost, India has historically been the hottest spot for most international companies seeking to outsource their IT development abroad. A democratic, English-speaking country demonstrating phenomenal economic growth over the recent decade, India is also famous for its benign taxation legislation for IT companies. This most favorable environment caused Indian IT outsourcing industry to explode.

On the other hand, the overflow of western companies deploying their IT departments in India has recently started to exceed supply, and, as a result, the costs of outsourcing to India are now rising. Additionally, meager progress made by the government in reducing local bureaucracy, and significant cultural gap catch most western companies unprepared when they try to outsource to India on their own. Like with most third-world countries famous for IT outsourcing, foreign executives quickly realize that in order to be successful in India, they need an established relationship with local managers familiar with Indian ways of business, supplemented by the presence of one or two western professionals on site.

Global IT Outsourcing Group was successful in structuring its outsourcing centers’ operations in India in this most efficient way. Should you wish to consider outsourcing to India, our company’s consultants will be able to offer you several choices varying in geographical location, cost, quality, and ways of collaboration. Additionally, our company will absorb all legal risks associated with non-disclosure agreement and intellectual property rights protection. Despite the presence of challenges common to third-word outsourcing, India still offers the optimal combination of quality and price for most of our clients.

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