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About Us
About Us Incorporated in the Republic of Dominica, a jurisdiction of the British Commonwealth known as an international tax haven, Global IT Outsourcing Group operates and partners with IT outsourcing centers in India, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Czech Republic, and Vietnam, whose services has proven to be cost-effective and reliable enough to meet outsourcing needs of our most demanding clients.

Additionally, we are constantly looking for new opportunities to expand our operations worldwide, including the deployment of new outsourcing centers in other countries in Asia, Middle East, and Eastern Europe that would allow us to offer an even broader choice of cost-effective outsourcing options to our clients. Our strategic functinal structure gives Global IT Outsourcing Group an additional competitive advantage in the outsourcing market where low cost is often a determining factor. We deliver our services through a broad network of representatives in the US, UK, EU, and recently in Australia, whom our clients can communicate personally and directly 24/7.

Should you become interested in placing a request for evaluation of your business problem with Global IT Outsourcing Group, you will be immediately matched with our representative in your country of residence, with whom you could directly discuss how we could meet your business needs in the most cost-efficient and convenient for you way.

Even in case if you opt not to use our service, we guarantee full confidentiality of your inquiry. This is our general policy that we enforce in relations with all our clients, as we believe that protecting our clients’ privacy is our obligation. Occasionally, we ask some of our clients for a reference that we could use as a testimony of the quality of our service. However, we shall never release any information about your business to any third-party without your explicit written permission to do so.

Unfortunately, we don’t accept requests for the development of any product, whose usage may go in violation of any local or international legislation or common ethical standards. That includes, but not limited to, any products that could potentially be used for propagation of violence, crime, acts of terrorism, child pornography, fraud, forgery, intellectual property rights violation, human rights violation, abuse of other people’s privacy, discrimination of people on the basis of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, or ethnicity. Any such request will be ignored.

We adhere to the strongest ethical standards in all aspects of our global operations even in cases when it sometimes poses limitations on our business operations, and we expect our clients to understand that.

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