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How We Work Since the first contact and throughout the entire relationship, our clients interact with at least two Global IT Outsourcing Group mangers: our local representative and the head of an outsourcing team in one of our international outsourcing centers. All consulting services that we perform before signing the contract, which include business requirements evaluation, creation of a written functionality specification, evaluation of budget and completion terms, is completely free to all our clients. We will never charge you for any service you have not explicitly approved in a written form. In addition, our general non-disclosure policy guarantees lifetime confidentiality of your request independently upon whether you end up signing a contract with us.

Unfortunately, we canít accept requests for the development of any product, whose usage may go in violation of any local or international legislation or common ethical standards. That includes, but not limited to, any products that could potentially be used for propagation of violence, crime, acts of terrorism, child pornography, fraud, forgery, intellectual property rights violation, human rights violation, abuse of other peopleís privacy, discrimination of people on the basis of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, or ethnicity. Any such request will be ignored.

To start, please feel free to send us a free inquiry at

  1. Once we receive your inquiry, you will be immediately matched with our local representative in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, or Australia, who will guide you through the initial stages of the potential engagement.
  2. We always offer to sign an NDA agreement before starting the assessment of your business problem. Even if you donít propose one on your own, we will offer you a sample NDA prepared by our lawyers with regard to the US, European, and International law.
  3. Dependent upon the complexity of your request, we could redirect your initial inquiry to a business analyst or a technology specialist specializing in your area. Sometimes, we involve the expertise of international cross-functional teams of business and IT professionals located in different countries, in which case we often organize videoconferences with our leading experts.
  4. In the majority of cases we assist our clients in specifying their business requirements in a written form through the preparation of a specification describing the functionality of a proposed IT solution. That allows both our specialists and our clients to set expectations correctly at the beginning, which is paramount for the accurate estimation of budget and completion terms.
  5. Once we perform the initial assessment, we determine which of our global outsourcing centers is capable to best meet your business needs. The cooperation options we offer include both Full Software Development Lifecycle and Direct IT Resources Management. The latter one is preferred by those of our clients who seek to supplement their domestic IT department with IT specialists from abroad. We offer the service of highly-skilled technology professional in the developing countries who can work under the direct supervision of our clientsí managers.
  6. After the development begins, customers often request adjustments to the initially agreed set of functional requirements. In many cases, dependent upon the stage of the development and the nature of the requested modifications, we make minor changes for free. In more complex cases, we perform an evaluation of the additional functionality and offer to extend our agreement always for a fair price.
  7. We perform rigorous quality assurance testing to ensure all our technology solutions meet our customersí expectations precisely and entirely both at the moment of delivery and after the deployment to the production environment.
  8. For the very rare cases when you might experience any technical problems after our solution is delivered, we guarantee free technical support within two years since the delivery.
  9. In case you might need to extend or update the initially purchased product, or in case you may require special maintenance, training, or consulting services, we are ready to provide them for our clients always for a reasonable price.
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