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Direct IT Resources Management
Direct IT Resources Managment An increasingly popular outsourcing option, Direct IT Resources Management is the choice of millions of small to medium companies, for which technology is an integral part of their business. Seeking to minimize the cost of their IT development through IT Outsourcing, but lacking the experience of meeting local cultural and business challenges, these companies often find it impracticable for them to establish their own outsourcing centers in the countries they are not familiar with doing business in.

Global IT Outsourcing Group offers its clients the possibility to leverage our worldwide network of IT Outsourcing Centers to gain access to the global market of talented IT professionals incurring zero cost of entry. Under Direct IT Resource Management option, Global IT Outsourcing Group does not take the responsibility for the delivery of any particular IT solution. Instead, we facilitate our clients in hiring and employing talented local IT professionals in the countries where we have local presence, to perform IT development services under their direct control.

For numerous businesses this is the cheapest way to supplement their existing IT departments with an incredibly talented pool of IT professionals available at a very low cost. It allows our clients to establish local presence through operating in Global IT Outsourcing Group premises without bothering about registering a separate company in an unfamiliar country, renting office premises, complying with local tax and labor regulations, and recruiting IT specialists in a different cultural environment. We solve all these problems for you.

Global IT Outsourcing Group offers complete infrastructure to make the operations of our clients’ distant IT departments most smooth and efficient:
bullet Our experienced local human resource management stuff will provide you with all the assistance you might need in hiring local IT professionals with the required complement of technical skills.
bullet Our state-of-the-art local premises are known for its comfortable working conditions optimized to increase performance and stimulate creativity of IT professionals. All our global outsourcing centers are equipped with:
  bullet In-office meal delivery or company-operated restaurant
  bullet Fitness facilities
  bullet Resting rooms
  bullet Meeting and conference rooms
bullet We ensure 24/7 security of all our premises.
bullet We have high-speed Internet channels allowing for seamless 24/7 communications with our offices via Skype, e-mail, and WebEx.
bullet Our experienced teams of local lawyers ensure full compliance with local law including the relevant taxation and labor regulations.
bullet Our experienced teams of local lawyers ensure full compliance with local law including the relevant taxation and labor regulations.
bullet The high level of familiarity of our outsourcing centers’ administrators with the local environment, allows for a very high scalability of our Direct IT Resources Management services in terms of the number of IT developers we can employ and office space.
bullet Dependent upon our clients’ needs, we offer the services of experienced local IT managers, who can communicate your message to local IT professionals in the most-effective way
The main reason why our clients choose Global IT Outsourcing Group as their Direct IT Resources Management provider is the profound understanding of local culture and business environment that our local managers have that allows us to run our operations in the developing countries in the most cost-efficient way. That includes:
bullet The lowest possible cost of rent of the office facilities meeting our high working environment standards.
bullet Customized functional strategy optimized with regard to local taxation and labor regulations.
bullet The lowest possible cost of IT and office equipment negotiated with the local sellers.
bullet Maximum possible governmental benefits available for local IT companies under the programs devised for stimulating the development of local IT industry.
bullet The optimal employee compensation packages customized with regard to the local standards and the preferences of IT employees in each country.
Our determination to be world’s most cost-effective IT outsourcing services provider shaped by the expertise of our outsourcing IT managers committed to the implementation of the company’s strategy of constantly finding new ways to increase the cost-effectiveness of our operations while providing superior quality service to our customers, make Global IT Outsourcing Group the preferred partner for our rapidly increasing worldwide client base.
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