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Since its formation, Global IT Outsourcing Group has succeeded in attracting the best and the brightest outsourcing managers from across the globe committed to the goal of constantly finding new ways of minimizing the cost of technology outsourcing for our customers. Below are eight major reasons why we believe our company can offer the most cost-effective IT outsourcing services to your business:
bullet With outsourcing centers located in six countries around the world famous for the high level of technical expertise and the low cost of local IT labor force, Global IT Outsourcing Group offers the widest range of cost/quality choices to tailor the needs of the broadest range of customers. Our company’s business model gives us the opportunities to attract the most talented professionals across the world available at the lowest cost.
bullet All our outsourcing centers are managed by experienced local managers, each having over 10 years of successful track record of providing IT outsourcing services of best quality for the best price in their region.
bullet Incorporated and headquartered in the Republic of Dominica, the major international tax haven, Global IT Outsourcing Group is able to reduce the cost of its services even further, while still remaining in a British Commonwealth jurisdiction.
bullet With a broad network of sales representatives and business analysts experienced in delivering IT solutions for a wide range of business industries in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and recently in Australia, we are able to serve our clients domestically in a prompt and most efficient way.
bullet We offer the highest level of confidentiality to all our clients. Not only do we always sign a non-disclosure agreement before considering our clients’ business requirements, we also sign an additional confidentiality agreement protecting our potential clients’ identity, even if they may eventually decide not to use our services.
bullet We ensure that all our outsourcing centers fully conform not only to local but also to international legislation, including US and European law regulating operations of domestic companies in the third-world countries. We also ensure that all proprietary software developed in Global IT Outsourcing Group premises or in the premises of our partner companies is developed with only genuine copies of the development tools, thus further protecting our clients from the possibility of inadvertent violation of domestic law, often common to outsourcing in the third-world countries.
bullet We adhere to the highest ethical standards both in relationship with our clients and in relationship with our employees in the third-world countries. Our customers are guaranteed our service is delivered in full compliance not only with local but also with domestic regulations mandating appropriate working conditions and fair pay to all of the employees of Global IT Outsourcing Group and its partner companies.
bullet Our reputation is our major asset. While assessing the business needs of our customers, we are always straightforward about the expectations, and we guarantee full customer satisfaction with our service. We are committed to fulfilling our contractual obligations fully, in time, within budget, and in compliance with local and international law, as well as with respect to common ethical standards.
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