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Czech Republic
Location of Czech Republic Situated in the middle of the European Union, Czech Republic has long been one of the most attractive outsourcing options for European and North American companies willing to establish low cost outsourcing centers in a developed democratic country sharing western practices of conducting business with effective governmental policies in the area of intellectual property rights. Famous for the high level of technical proficiency and strong English command of its technology specialists, Czech Republic combines the best traits of European culture with the competitive cost of its labor force. Among our options, it is the only low cost outsourcing country, where local legislation and governmental policies are transparent enough for western companies to be able to open their outsourcing branches there without the help of local business professionals.

As a result, the demand was quick to exceed supply in the Czech labor market, and currently our outsourcing center in Prague is not the cheapest option we are able to offer to our clients. However, it is the most cost-effective option in a developed western country with a long history of democratic traditions and familiar business environment. In case you are determined to outsource the IT development for your company in a European country easy to visit and to work with, our outsourcing center in Prague is the best option for you.

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