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Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions development, integration, testing, and implementation services, rendered by our global IT outsourcing centers, are designed to support your customer-oriented initiatives in all CRM segments from operational to collaborative and analytical. Apart from our ability to tailor custom CRM solutions to your needs, whether in account management, sales force automation, campaign management, or customer intelligence, we provide integration of custom CRM applications with SAP ERP R/3 systems.

Our custom CRM development expertise lends itself neatly to the needs of a wide array of industries, including:
bullet Finance
bullet Telecommunications
bullet Manufacturing
bullet Insurance
bullet Travel and Hospitality
bullet Healthcare
bullet Retail and eCommerce
bullet Education and Research
Our CRM practices based on years of software development experience enable us to offer the incorporation of our proprietary reusable components for further minimization of cost and increase in resource utilization efficiency, such as:
bullet Online Broker
bullet Online Self-Service
bullet Account Management
bullet Life Insurance Engine
bullet E-Signature
bullet Online Customer Loyalty
bullet Global Sales Force Management
As one of the world’s most cost-efficient provider of IT outsourcing services, experienced in minimizing outsourcing risks through transparency, security, and property rights protection, we possess all the necessary qualities and resources to enable your business to capitalize on the benefits of the perfectly automated business processes.
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